DMN TCK is moving to DMN 1.2

The DMN TCK is looking for as many DMN vendors as possible to submit their execution results. If you have not done so yet, we invite you to come and participate into what is a true measure of DMN execution compliance, and the best way to promote the adoption of this very important open standard.

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2019 Predictions from Top Influencers published the article “The Year Ahead for BPM — 2019 Predictions from Top Influencers” including: Jakob Freund (Camunda), Denis Gagne (Trisotech), Max Pucher (Isis Papyrus), Gero Decker (Signavio), Steven Stanton (FCB Partners), Brian Reale (ProcessMaker), Phil Simpson (Red Hat), James Taylor (Decision Management Solutions), Romeo Elias (intellect), Anatoly Belaychuk (Comindware), Jacob Feldman (OpenRules), Maureen Fleming (IDC), Malcolm Ross (Appian), Nolan Greene (Pega), Lloyd Dugan (, Jim Sinur (Aragon Research), Miguel Valdés Faura (Bonitasoft), E. Scott Menter (BP Logix), Peter Fingar (, Mathias Kirchmer (BPM-D), Keith Swenson (Fujitsu North America) Link

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Statistical Methods with Domain-based Models

ml+domainmodelsThis WSJ article gives examples when ML-based solutions have been enhanced by the inclusion of pre-defined domain-specific models. “Machine learning is a statistical modeling technique, which finds and correlates patterns between inputs and outputs without necessarily capturing their cause-and-effect relationships. Data derived from human behavior is dynamic and ever-changing. Such messy data is difficult to analyze to make predictions.” Link Continue reading

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Decision Simulation

“Decision services can have unintended results that may or may not be consistent with the original intent of the business. The best way to gauge the impact of a new model once it goes into production is to first run a simulation, using software that sends pertinent data through the decision service and analyzes the results. Business users can then access these simulations to validate the decision logic and business rules and assess potential business impact prior to deployment into a production environment.” Link

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Java 2019 Licensing Explained

If you try to download the latest Java, you may be scared by the following warning:
The question: is Java not free anymore? Continue reading

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Process 2019

Jim Sinur’s post “Process 2019” identifies three major themes for process in 2019: 1) Customer Experience; 2) Automation; 3) Actions at the Edge. Here are a few quotes: “we will see a convergence of customer mapping, human computer interface and visible explainable intelligence working in concert“; “cognitive assisted human decisions and actions“; “Goal driven and constraint guided processes of various size and scopes will be acting at the edge in an autonomous fashion thus putting a premium on better forms of decision management and action controlLink

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CES 2019: A Show Report

Steven Sinofsky published his report from CES 2019, “the annual gathering of over 180,000 people from all over the world who converge on Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest from over 4,000 exhibits. This year was interesting and thought-provoking. Many technologies are maturing and what is needed now is a great deal of work to make them far more usable, useful, and desirable for the mass market. Please enjoy this report of the goings on at the show.” Link

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