How microservices enable hybrid tenancy

Pete Brown from Pega published the article “Cloud: Hybrid-tenancy is replacing single and multi-tenancy“: Microservices is an architecture where each functions of an application are separated from each other and communicate through APIs and protocols. It differs from traditional software design, because the application functions are not located in a single code base. The advent of containers allows these services to operate independently from the core application code base. The hybrid-tenancy model enables an application platform to deliver functionality that is designed to deliver across the three key value metrics (security/performance/cost) by minimizing tradeoffs. Link

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Decision Engine Performance

In his new article Carlos Serrano, the CTO at SparklingLogic, discusses decision engine performance, and, more broadly, the performance characterization of decisions: how do decision engines cope with high throughput, low response, high concurrency scenarios? This article prompts the necessity of new benchmarks for modern decision engines. plans to publish such benchmarks and their implementations using different BR&DM tools. If you have suggestions for Decision Engine Benchmarking please send them to Link

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Present at DecisionCAMP in June in Norway

DecisionCAMP is the major annual international event oriented to Business Rules and Decision Management practitioners with a strong technical background. In 2020 it will be held on June 29-July 1 in Oslo, Norway. DecisionCAMP-2020 is organized by and will be a part of the Declarative AI Conference: Rules, Reasoning, Decisions, and Explanations. If you plan to present, send your abstracts before March 1, 2020 – see Call for Presentations. Link

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What is CI/CD?

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody a culture, set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. The implementation is also known as the CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD is a devops best practice because it addresses the misalignment between developers who want to push changes frequently, with operations that want stable applications. Link See also “Agile software development is dead. Deal with it

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Management Decision Market Report

MarketsAndMarkets expects the global Management Decision Market to grow from USD 2.89 Billion in 2016 to USD 6.18 Billion by 2022. It names the major vendors in the management decision market: FICO, SAS, TIBCO, Oracle, IBM, Sapiens, Experian, ACTICO, Pegasystems, Equifax, Parmenides, Decision Management Solutions, OpenRules, and Sparkling Logic. Link

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Can analytics predict epidemics?

Angrew Ng published an interesting article “Stopping Coronavirus” in his Jan 29 issue of The Batch. It talks about a Canadian company that analyzes online information to predict epidemics spotted the upsurge in coronavirus at least a week ahead of public-health authorities. Link Continue reading

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Apply to speak at BBC 2020 in Las Vegas

Building Business Capability-2020 will be held on Oct. 19-23 at Las Vegas. This conference is targeted toward professionals involved in Business Analysis, Digital Innovation, Business Strategy & Transformation, Business Architecture, Business Process, and Business Rules & Decisions. It again will include a mini-DecisionCAMP as a special Track.  If you want to present, select “DecisionCAMP” during submission of your presentation. The Call for Tutorials and Presentations is now open! Link

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