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DecisionCAMP May-5 Session with Corticon

Corticon compressed over 16,000 rules into just over 1000 rules in our Feb-2021 Challenge – learn how they did it.Date: Wed, May 5, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST (New York Time) Title: “Compression of Redundant Rules and Other Logical Optimizations” Presenter: Seth … Continue reading

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Training class on decision tables taught by Jan Vanthienen

When representing and analyzing business decisions in real business situations and processes, decision tables have always proven a powerful approach. Decision table methodology, however, is more than putting some rules in a few tables.  Learn about proper methodology, table types, … Continue reading

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KISS Principle for Decision Modeling

The KISS is an abbreviation of “Keep It Short and Simple” or “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This principle has been a key, and a huge success in years of software engineering. A common problem among software engineers and developers is … Continue reading

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The European approach to trustworthy AI

On April 21 the European Commission proposed new rules and actions aiming to turn Europe into the global hub for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). The combination of the first-ever legal framework on AI and a new Coordinated Plan with Member States will guarantee the … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again

Prof. Gene Freuder writes about Human-Centered AI: “human-centered”, “human-aware“, “human-AI collaboration” are, rightly, very prominent nowadays. But “everything old is new again”: I ran across an interesting twenty-year-old paper from the European Journal of Operational Research on Human centered processes and decision support … Continue reading

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This robot taught itself to walk

A pair of robot legs called Cassie has been taught to walk using reinforcement learning, the training technique that teaches AIs complex behavior via trial and error. The two-legged robot learned a range of movements from scratch, including walking in a crouch and … Continue reading

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Which rules not to execute

Can a rule engine decide in runtime which rules are not necessary to execute? See an interesting analysis of a quite simple decision model provided by Jack Jansonius in response to our Apr-2021 Challenge Link

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Improving code vs improving data quality

Andrew Ng: “Traditional software is powered by code, whereas AI systems are built using both code (models + algorithms) and data. When a system isn’t performing well, many teams instinctually try to improve the code. But for many practical applications, … Continue reading

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Donald Knuth: Algorithms, Complexity, and The Art of Computer Programming

Listen this 2019 Lex Fridman podcast with Donald Knuth: acceptance of imperfection, being happy max 80% of the time (point 8 is enough), his first encounter with mortality, having so many real-world achievements and attempts to put numerical values on … Continue reading

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