Decision Models

CatalogDecisionModelsThis page maintains a Collection of Decision Models to be used by website is to help the Business Decision Management Community as prototypes of the real-world decision models. The decision models are categorized by various business domains including:

The decision models may have different degrees of implementation details from high-level decision diagrams to specific business logic (rules), business glossary, and test cases with expected results. They have been contributed by different vendors and practitioners and may be implemented using different tools.

Adding Your Decision Models

Everybody may submit new decision models and suggestions for the modification of the existing models. However, only original authors of the decision models will be able to make changes and for keeping models up-to-date. To add your decision model to one of the above category please submit your request and you will be contacted ASAP.

Note. If you contribute a decision model to this Community website, you will retain the ownership of the model and will be solely responsible for correctness of the provided information and indemnify the Decision Management Community and its Affiliates from any potential claims.

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