Challenge July-2015

Cut a Birthday Cake

It’s July – time for fun! Forget DM tools and let your kids to make this decision:

You need to cut a birthday cake into exactly eight pieces. You allowed to make only three straight cuts. How can you do it considering that you cannot move pieces as you are cutting the cake?

Send your solution to before August 1, 2015.

We will publish the correct solution at the end of July. Here are the names of people who submitted the correct answer:

Solution: 2 vertical cuts orthogonal to each other. Makes 4 pieces. Then 1 horizontal cut doubles that to 8 pieces.

P.S. Mike Parish also wrote: “If it happens to be a Bundt cake ( with a hole through the middle) then you can cut it into 13 pieces with three cuts!” Could you do it as well? Post your comments here.

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