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Nuts and Bolts of Deep Learning

Deep Learning has been the core topic in the Machine Learning community the last couple of years. You may read “The major advancements in Deep Learning in 2016” to go through the advancements contributed the most (or have the potential) … Continue reading

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Will This AI Boom Also Bust?

On Nov 28 Robin Hanson tweeted: “Good CS expert says: Most firms that think they want advanced AI/ML really just need linear regression on cleaned-up data” and this tweet went viral. Then Robin published more detail article “This AI Boom Will … Continue reading

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Challenge Dec-2016 “Loan Approval”

We’ve just published a new Dec-2016 Challenge “Loan Approval”.  It deals with a complex loan approval process when new facts about borrowers are being dynamically discovered in real-time. Hope soon we will see interesting solutions from business rules and decision … Continue reading

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Blockchain for Wall Street

A new article “Blockchain Pros Debate ‘Looming Challenges’ for Smart Contracts” talks about Wall Street insiders and blockchain innovators who are trying to sort through when a smart contract is a bad idea, when it’s a good idea and what stands in … Continue reading

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Common Decision-Making Mistakes

Eric McNulty just published an interesting paper “Improve the quality of your leadership decisions” in which he explains how decision science can help you get better at decision-making. Here is an example of common decision-making mistakes: “One of the most frequent … Continue reading

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Solutions for Oct-2016 Challenge “Rebooking Passengers”

So far we received two solutions for Challenge Oct-2016 “Rebooking passengers from cancelled flights”. Any other solution? It’s never too late to provide more solutions for any of our challenges. 

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