Challenge Dec2014 – May2015

Decision Model:  “Vehicle Insurance – UServ Product Derby”  Solutions

derby10+ years ago BR vendors had a chance to demonstrate their product capabilities at Business Rules Forums (now BBC) using the same highly popular use case known as “UServ Product Derby”. The majority of BR vendors  openly competed during these major BR events and potential users had an opportunity to compare different solutions. The use case dealt with vehicle insurance problems including eligibility, pricing and cancellation policies for a hypothetical insurance company. Today we managed to find only one detailed description of this, now forgotten use case. Why not to bring this use case back as all considered issues remain highly important today?

So, we decided it would be very interesting to see how modern BR&DM tools address the same problem using new standards like DMN and all new features that have been added over the last 10 years.  You may follow this link to get a very detailed description of the business rules, a related fact model, business processes, and test cases. You still may google “UServ Derby” to find several old implementations. However,  we believe that DM practitioners would really want to see if the current major BR&DM vendors accept the challenge and submit better and more elegant solutions using their latest advances.

So, the UServ Product Derby is open again! Considering the seriousness of this use case and the upcoming holidays we will give all participants not 1 but 2 months to submit their solutions.

Remember: you do not have to represent any vendor to submit your own solution using your preferred BR&DM system (or no system at all). Please submit your solutions to  Don’t delay your submissions – the solutions are published in the order they received. At the beginning of Feb-2015 we plan to poll our readers to let them define the best 3 solutions.


3 Responses to Challenge Dec2014 – May2015

  1. meparish says:

    Anyone else able to solve this challenge?

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