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Explaining Decision Optimization Recommendations

Explainability is a hot topic. Decision models are used to trigger recommendations such as “accept” or “refuse” a loan, but they also need to explain WHY they recommended certain decisions. Alain Chabrier from IBM DecisionOptimization team uses Portfolion Allocation problem … Continue reading

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Modeling and Solving Scheduling Problems with CP Optimizer

The Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP) is a classical problem among the myriad scheduling problems studied both in academia and in industry. Philippe Laborie, a principal scientist at IBM, describes how it can easily be modeled and efficiently solved using … Continue reading

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Giving Algorithms a Sense of Uncertainty

MIT Technology Review published this article Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical: “Algorithms are built to pursue a single mathematical goal, such as maximizing the number of soldiers’ lives saved or minimizing the number of … Continue reading

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“Old” AI vs Deep Learning

Vincent Gosselin from DecisionBrain wrote: “At last an article that takes a realistic view of AI rather than a sole focus on deep learning. We recently came across a failed AI project where a fairly hyped company, let’s call it … Continue reading

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Finding Optimal Locations of New Store using Decision Optimization

Vincent Beraudier, IBM, in his notebook describes how to model and solve the following business problem: “A fictional Coffee Company plans to open N shops in the near future and needs to determine where they should be located knowing that … Continue reading

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Decision Optimization fueling growth in Energy and Utilities

Decision optimization and machine learning techniques are driving better resource planning and scheduling decisions at Energy & Utilities for a range of use cases like power generation planning, pricing optimization and more. Link

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Decision Optimization for Dynamic Pricing

FICO posted an interesting article “Fair Pricing with Price Optimisation”. A similar system “Using Machine Learning, Business Rules, and Optimization for Flash Sale Pricing” has been developed by OpenRules.  These examples demonstrate the power and flexibility of Decision Optimization when business rules, … Continue reading

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