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Solutions for Aug-2015 Challenge

We have received 3 solutions for the Challenge August-2015 “Find Duplicate Product Lines“.  Two solutions use BR products (OpenRules and Corticon) and one solution is based on the R language and RStudio.

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Poll: Should DMN Cover Business Glossary?

See the LinkedIn discussion about the absence of the concept “Business Glossary” in the DMN standard and vote your opinion:

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Now Comes “Optimization Analytics”

Along with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics a new term “Optimization Analytics” was proposed in the just published article “Optimization Analytics Comes to the Mass Market” by Robert Kugel.  Here are a few extracts: 

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Funny and Not So Funny Decision Trees

You may find many everyday decision tree examples at Also read FICO’s post “Why Businesses Need Decision Trees“.

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Challenge August-2015: Find Duplicate Product Lines

This month you need to build a decision model that is capable to decide which product lines inside sales orders are duplicate. The duplicate product lines can be recognized by user-defined similarity rules – read more here. In general, this challenge is supposed … Continue reading

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