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Detecting Serial Killers with Data

The New Yorker’s article “The Serial-Killer Detector” describes how an algorithm is discovering new links between unsolved murders. By a process of data aggregating, the algorithm gathers killings that are related by method, place, and time, and by the victim’s sex. … Continue reading

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Recommender Engine – Under The Hood

There are two types of recommender systems, Content based and Collaborative filtering. Both have their pros and cons depending upon the context in which you want to use them. This article describes how to build a content-based recommender system.

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Averaging Risk is Risking the Average

“Regulators must assess risk in many different areas. Banking has been top of mind in the past years, but industries like Pharma and Utilities also had a lot of attention. How a regulator decides to measure and asses risk is … Continue reading

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Challenge June-2017: Loan Origination Example – DMN Section 11

This challenge is intended to demonstrate different decision modeling approaches using the same well-known business use case.  The Loan Origination problem described in in the Section 11 of the DMN specification is probably the most discussed use case. However, the specification itself uses this case only … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go and the Traveling Salesman Problem

These days you may have heard stories of people hunting down Pokémon on their office desks, in hospital rooms, and even in bathrooms. Read about the brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go. Do you want to catch them all? As quickly as … Continue reading

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The first solutions for “UServ Product Derby”

Maarten Schadd from has submitted the very first solution for the  January-2015 challenge “Vehicle Insurance – UServ Product Derby”. The second solution was submitted by Mike Parish from Corticon. More solutions are on the way.

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UServ Product Derby is Getting Second Life as a DM Challenge

10+ years ago BR vendors had a chance to demonstrate their product capabilities at Business Rules Forums (now BBC) using the same highly popular use case known as “UServ Product Derby”.  We decided to revive the derby as a DM Challenge for … Continue reading

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