Challenge June-2017

DMN Section 11 Loan Origination Example                                  Solutions

This challenge is intended to demonstrate different decision modeling approaches using the same well-known business use case.  The Loan Origination problem described in in the Section 11 of the DMN specification is probably the most discussed use case. However, the specification itself uses this case only to demonstrate possible implementations of DRDs, BKM, decision tables, and other DMN features but not the best decision modeling practice. Several vendors published their own executable decision models and Bruce Silver in his book “DMN Method and Style” analyzes in detail two different implementations of the same use case. However, nobody yet claimed that their decision model is the best.

This use case is well-specified, complex enough to represent real-world decision modeling practices, and still manageable to be analyzed by other people. It gives DM practitioners an opportunity to submit different decision models for the same decisioning problem. Submitters are expected to use business logic, the data model, and input data values described in the example and presented in their preferred ways.

This challenge is not a competition of tools. Today there are many tools that claim their support of the DMN standard. Submitters may use these or any other tool to demonstrate how to create loan origination decision models which they consider to be the best from business (!) decision modeling, execution, and further maintenance perspectives.  Everybody may submit already published decision models or new implementations to

Solutions (shown in the order of submission):

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