Challenge March-2017

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Hi Business Rules Vendors and Consultants!

Consider the following situation. You have been approached by an online dating service that wants to use a rules engine to improve its process for matching people. Below is a brief explanation of “business logic” behind their online dating services:

  1. Each person creates a profile defining their preferences
  2. The rules check the profiles to determine all the possible matches for a person
  3. The matches are scored. Higher scores indicate a better match
  4. Scoring (once the matching criteria are met) is based on the age difference and the number of matching interests

Each profile includes:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • City
  • Age
  • List of interests
  • Minimum and Maximum acceptable age
  • Acceptable genders
  • Minimum number of matching interests.

And here are the rules (applied to both persons):

  1. Gender of the other person must be one of the acceptable genders
  2. Age of the other person must be within the acceptable range
  3. City must match exactly
  4. Matching interests of the other person must match at least the number specified

They even provided an example of a compatible match:

  • Jane (age 26, lives in Seattle, interests are skydiving, knitting, reading) is looking for a male age 28-32 with at least one of those interests
  • Jim (age 29, lives in Seattle, interests are skydiving, soccer, knitting) is looking for a female age 24-29 with at least two of those interests

Now, you need to build a working prototype to win their business. Can you do it? If yes, send your solution to