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A new interface?

Prof. Toby Walsh shared “Bard, Bing and Baidu: how big tech’s AI race will transform search – and all of computing”: “When Microsoft launched Windows, it was the start of a revolution. Rather than typing cryptic instructions, we could just … Continue reading

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BBN Times calls Rule-based Systems “Fake AI”

In the latest article it says: “Fake AI is designed to deceive the user into thinking that it is a real AI application. Fake AI applications are often simple rule-based systems that use predetermined responses to simulate AI. The goal … Continue reading

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Meet Bard, Google’s Answer to ChatGPT

WIRED just published comments on today’s announcement that Google will roll out a chatbot named Bard “in the coming weeks.” The launch appears to be a response to ChatGPT, the sensationally popular artificial intelligence chatbot developed by startup OpenAI with funding from … Continue reading

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