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DecisionCAMP June-9 Session

Date: Wed June 9, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST (New York Time)Title: “Performance of a Large Decision Table Deployed as a Microservice“Presenter: Dr. Bob Moore, JETset Business Consulting.Abstract: There have been a number of solutions submitted to February’s decision modelling challenge. … Continue reading

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Data-centric AI development

Andrew Ng writes that ML research mainly concentrates on algorithms while the real-world applications deal more with data quality. “Benchmarks and competitions in which teams are asked to improve the data rather than the code would better reflect the workloads … Continue reading

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ML has a proof-of-concept-to-production gap

Andrew Ng: “All of AI, not just healthcare, has a proof-of-concept-to-production gap. The full cycle of a machine learning project is not just modeling. It is finding the right data, deploying it, monitoring it, feeding data back [into the model], … Continue reading

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In memory of Dr. Harold Boley

Dr. Harold Boley passed away in December 2020. Being a well-known scientist in the semantic web movement and the Chair of RuleML from 2001 to 2020, Harold devoted a lot of efforts to integrate the academic research in the area … Continue reading

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Challenge May-2021 “COVID Testing”

Our May-2021 Challenge asks you to implement a decision model that determines who should undergo subsequent COVID-19 testing based on a number of symptoms for COVID-19 were identified, such as coughing, sneezing, or fever. Depending on the number of symptoms … Continue reading

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End of Public Updates of Java 8

If you are a vendor or a user of a Java-based BR/DM product, you better upgrade to the latest Java releases as according to Oracle Java SE 8 “has gone through the End of Public Updates process.” Link

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Machine Learning vs. Knowledge Acquisition

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AI Finally Won an Elite Crossword Tournament

Checkers, backgammon, chess, Go, poker, and other games have witnessed the machines’ invasions, falling one by one to dominant A.I.s. Now crosswords have joined them. “Dr. Fill” algorithm wasn’t perfect; it finished the tournament with three errors. But its blazing speed—most puzzles … Continue reading

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