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Bob Moore: building a learning model is a learning process in itself

Dr. Bob Moore accepted our Jan-2020 Challenge “Nim” and provided a very interesting machine learning solution. He applied a self-learning approach by playing games in which both players use the latest learned strategies that are being constantly improved. In a … Continue reading

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Solving Previously Unsolved Optimization Problems

Mixed-integer programming (MIP) problem is arguably among the hardest classes of optimization problems. This paper describes how  21 previously unsolved MIP instances were solved using up to 80,000 cores in parallel on the Titan supercomputer. Link

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Making Decision Optimization Actionable for Business Users

IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) is a a brand-new platform, based on modern and open-source technologies. It embeds the “secret sauce” of DecisionBrain. The end goal of DOC 4.0 is to facilitate the process of making optimization actionable in the … Continue reading

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Finding Optimal Buy/Sell Decisions

Erwin Kalvelagen describes how to make optimal buy/sell decisions by solving this little optimization problem: “I have a prediction of prices for the next year. I have inventory that can contain max 25 products. I can either sell or buy … Continue reading

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Low-Code/No-Code Development

Many low-code/no-code solutions have gained speed in the enterprise, giving non-technical people the option to create simple applications. Analysts predict that the low-code industry will grow by 20+% each year. But what is low-code, why is it getting so popular … Continue reading

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Are you a bad decision-maker?

Cassie Kozyrkov, the Head of Decision Intelligence at Google, just published the article with this title. She writes: The objective of this article is to teach you the most fundamental principle in decision analysis: “The quality of a decision should … Continue reading

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The Poet of Logic Programming

An interview with Prof. Robert Kowalski, the co-creator of the field of logic programming and of the language Prolog. The conversation ranges over the history of Prolog, the ill-famed Fifth Generation Computer Systems project, the relation between symbolic AI and … Continue reading

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Pre-DecisionCAMP Sessions on Zoom/Slack

DecisionCAMP LIVE will start on June 29 – see the Program. We decided to run several online Zoom/Slack sessions before the Camp to give our presenters and attendees an opportunity to get used to the online format. It is also … Continue reading

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Why intelligences fail?

Alain Chabrier, from IBM Decision Optimization Team: “These days, everyone has become an expert. Everyone knows about Covid-19, everyone has an opinion on what should have been done before, what should be done now, and what should be done later. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Amazon Fraud Detector

Kenny Shi, a fraud prevention professional,  shares his thoughts on AWS’s offering of  Amazon Fraud Detector. Besides many interesting capabilities, it includes a simplified Fraud Detector’s expression language: “When writing decision rules, the available variables include those supplied in the … Continue reading

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