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Ron Ross: IT Departments Should be Evacuated

Ron Ross just published a provocative post “IT Departments Should be Evacuated – Agree/Disagree?” In particular, he writes: “The days of traditional departmental IT staff having unfettered access to the financial assets of the corporate budget will end sooner than … Continue reading

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Getting Real About AI in Insurance

Sapiens gathered five of its leading subject matter experts for a quick Q&A to get real about artificial intelligence (AI) in the insurance industry. A quote: “Question. How insurers can prepare for a more “intelligent” future? Answer: The best way for … Continue reading

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A Short History of Machine Learning

Forbes published “A Short History of Machine Learning“. Here is a quote: “We don’t have autonomous androids struggling with existential crises — yet — but we are getting ever closer to what people tend to call ‘Artificial Intelligence’” “Machine Learning … Continue reading

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They are not doing “cognitive computing” no matter how many times they say they are

Dr. Roger Schank published “The Fraudulent Claims Made by IBM About Watson and AI“.  Here are a few quotes: “I invented a field called Case Based Reasoning in the 80’s which was meant to enable computers to compare new situations to … Continue reading

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Challenge Feb-2017: Determine Booking Fraud

Our February’s Challenge deals with a relatively simple decision model that should determine potential fraud during an online product booking process. It’s based on an automatically calculated Fraud Rating Score. Read more here and submit your solution.

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