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Algorithms for Decision Making

MIT press published an excellent book “Algorithms for decision making” with free download that provides a broad introduction to algorithms for decision making under uncertainty. The book takes an agent based approach when physical entities like humans or robots act … Continue reading

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Rete: 40 years!

This year will be 40 years since Charles Forgy published his famous paper “Rete: A Fast Algorithm for the Many Pattern/Many Object Pattern Match Problem. In: Artificial Intelligence, vol. 19, pp. 17–37, 1982.” His Rete algorithm became the foundation for many … Continue reading

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Researchers Achieve ‘Absurdly Fast’ Algorithm for Network Flow

A team of computer scientists has come up with a dramatically faster algorithm for one of the oldest problems in computer science: Maximum Flow. The problem asks how much material can flow through a network from a source to a destination if … Continue reading

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