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Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant

Paul Vincent: “Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities research covers platforms for building applications that range from enterprise business applications to smaller departmental applications. Many business process automation tools overlap with LCAP in terms of capabilities, and … Continue reading

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Digital Decisioning => Decision Intelligence

The term “Decision Intelligence” was popularized in 2019 book “How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World“. Google launched a decision intelligence department. Gartner listed “Decision Intelligence” among the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022. Forbes … Continue reading

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User-Facing Analytics

There is an increasing need to unleash analytical capabilities directly to the end users to democratize decision making. This “User-Facing Analytics” is a new frontier that will shape the products of tomorrow and push the limits of existing technology. It … Continue reading

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Keynotes at DecisionCAMP and Declarative AI

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Digital Twins and Digital Decisioning

The term Digital Twin was coined in 2014 in the context of manufacturing as a digital factory replication. Recently it becomes more and more popular in the context of knowledge representation for different business domains. Today a digital twin is … Continue reading

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When to Automate Decisions

A new article about decision automation in AI Building Blocks: “So far there is no unified decision method that can fit the puzzle of decision-making in organizations. For strategic and tactical decisions, practitioners continue relying on optimization and statistics but … Continue reading

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Businesses Require Better Goal Management

Jim Sinur: “Better goal management requires a new level of transparency and communication capabilities than in the past and follows a consistent goal cycle. While there still will be the issue of variations by legal system and location, the adaptation … Continue reading

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Digital transformation fall out of favor?

Forrester Research will run a free webinar on Jan 26 at 2 pm ET and they promise to explain: Why “digital transformation” has fallen out of favor and what has replaced that outdated idea. How rising interest inaccessibility will give … Continue reading

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Global Management Decision Market

Global Management Decision Market Research Report – Forecasts to 2026 by GME. Includes competitor analysis of FICO, Sparkling Logic, SAS, OpenRules, TIBCO, Decision Management Solutions, Oracle, Parmenides, IBM, Sapiens, Equifax, Experian, Pegasystems, and ACTICO among other vendors. You may request … Continue reading

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Decision-Driven Data Analytics

“Data analysts often fail to produce insights for making effective business decisions, but that’s not their fault. Data-driven decision-making anchors on available data. This often leads decision makers to focus on the wrong question. Decision-driven data analytics starts from a proper … Continue reading

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