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Consistency Checks of Large Language Models

Do Language Models Know When They’re Hallucinating References? Current state-of-the-art language models (LMs) are notorious for generating text with “hallucinations,” a primary example being book and paper references that lack any solid basis in their training data. However, we find … Continue reading

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This week’s hot AI thing is “AutoGPT” which is designed to automate GPT-4 tasks, enabling the creation of agents that complete tasks for you without any intervention. AutoGPT is a way to get a model to chain together multiple GPT … Continue reading

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Defamed by ChatGPT

Benedict Evans wrote: “If you ask ChatGPT factual questions, you can’t trust what you get. In this case, it invented an entirely non-existent sexual assault allegation against a law professor, complete with (non-existent) Washington Post story. Also of note – … Continue reading

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