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RFP Process is Waste of Time

Silvie Spreeuwenberg wrote: “As someone who has experience drafting RFP questions, being on an assessment team, and responding to RFPs, I can honestly say that this process is often a waste of time and can lead to disappointing results for … Continue reading

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Google Chain of Thought

On Jan 18, 2023 Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow and SVP of Google Research, published “Google Research, 2022 & Beyond: Language, Vision and Generative Models” that could be treated as a response to ChatGPT boom without mentioning its explicitly. In particular, it … Continue reading

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Business Rules and Ontology in an Event-Driven Architecture

Bas van der Raadt describes an event-driven business architecture that connects business activities (business rules) with business data (ontology) via business events (state changes of business data). model. He explains how everything comes together and how it helps business people … Continue reading

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Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant

Paul Vincent: “Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities research covers platforms for building applications that range from enterprise business applications to smaller departmental applications. Many business process automation tools overlap with LCAP in terms of capabilities, and … Continue reading

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Six Levels Down

Sandy Kemsley wrote: “Michael Lewis who wrote the book Moneyball digs into why certain things in business work the way that they do… He looked at a U.S Healthcare billing company how they became successful by gaining a deep understanding … Continue reading

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Could ChatGPT Generate Decision Models?

If ChatGPT claims to generate working code from a problem description in English, then it is only natural to ask it to generate the proper decision model. Jacob Feldman did it by asking ChatGPT to generate a decision model for a … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP Monthly Session on Jan 11, 2023

The first 2023 DecisionCAMP Monthly Session “Why is symbolic AI being overshadowed by statistical AI?” presented by Bas van der Raadt will be held on Jan 11 at 12:00 pm EST (New York Time). Register for free here.

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The End of Programming?

This is one the the first tweets of 2023 based on the Matt Welsh Jan-2023 article in CACM that states: Programming will be obsolete. I believe the conventional idea of “writing a program” is headed for extinction, and indeed, for all … Continue reading

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