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Natural Intelligence by Paul Haley

Paul Haley just published a new article “Natural Intelligence“. He writes: Deep natural language understanding (NLU) is different than deep learning, as is deep reasoning. Deep learning facilities deep NLP and will facilitate deeper reasoning, but it’s deep NLP for … Continue reading

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Challenge Apr-2018 “Up-Selling Rules”

Our Apr-2018 challenge asks DM practitioners to provide decision models  for up-selling rules, examples of which are presented in simple decision tables. As usual, you may extend this use case by sharing your real-world experience with up-selling and cross-selling rules.

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Business Rules Excellence Awards

Do you have an interesting Business Rules Use Case?  Submit it for the opportunity to win a highly prestigious award and publication in the next book on BR to be published within 12 months following the Awards Ceremony at BBC-2018. The Business Rules Excellence … Continue reading

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How Geologists Can Outwit Artificial Intelligence

Jun Cowan: “Using a simple geological example, I argue that geologists operate similarly to Columbo, a 1970s TV detective—inferring, continuously thinking, and asking tangential and often seemingly irrelevant and stupid questions about a clue that doesn’t quite fit into the whole … Continue reading

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Management Decision Market – Global Forecast to 2022

Research and Markets published a report about the current and future state of the DM market. “The Management decision market size is expected to grow from USD 3.09 billion in 2017 to USD 6.18 billion by 2022, at a CAGR … Continue reading

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Open the Machine Learning Black Box with Rule-based Decision Automation

Francis Friedlander from IBM just published an article with this title. In particular, it says: “Machine learning is best in class to derive customer insight from customer data. Rules consume customer insight and are best in class to make justified … Continue reading

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What we know and what we do not know about DMN

A research with this title was published on 2018-03-22 by Prof. Jan Vanthienen and his colleagues. “The recent Decision Model and Notation (DMN) establishes business decisions as first-class citizens of executable business processes. This research note has two objectives: first, … Continue reading

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Automating Scheduling and Resource Allocation Decisions

Decision Optimization frequently deals with scheduling and resource allocation problems. One of the best-known software package for modeling and solving scheduling problems was ILOG Scheduler. This month IBM published a very detailed article “20+ years of scheduling with constraints at … Continue reading

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Building Stateful Decision Services

Sometimes a decision service needs to consider information or context from previous invocations of the service. For example, you might want to award a customer discount if they purchased more than two items in one week. The information you keep … Continue reading

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A Path to Common Sense AI?

Our recent post talks about Paul Allen’s intention to teach computers common sense. This LinkedIn’s post is attempting to define a path for common sense reasoning (click on the image): “For computers to operate at the “common sense” level, they are required … Continue reading

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