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IBM Launches Decision Composer on Bluemix

Read this announcement of March 29, 2017: “IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new, experimental capability on Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform, which gives developers of varying skill sets the ability to create apps that can instantly personalize a user’s experience – without the need … Continue reading

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Drools Now Implements DMN

Following the announcement from last year, the popular open source Drools rules engine added full run-time support for DMN at compliance level 3 into its upcoming version 7.0. As of January/2017, the implementation is feature complete and the team is … Continue reading

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DMN Interchange Software

As a community, we would like to maintain different software pieces that can be shared and reused by vendors and practitioners to promote Decision Management in general and the DMN standard in particular. So, we added a special section “Community Software” to … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Analytics

Jean-Francois Puget from IBM (ILOG) published an interesting article that in particular says: “The purpose of an analytics solution is to enable business decisions based on data.  It does not necessarily mean that such solutions must compute decisions.  It means that whatever … Continue reading

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Being Agile with Rule-based Standard Software

Silvie Spreeuwenberg, a known authority in business rules, published a LinkedIn article that puts in question a need for general purpose BRMS and gives the preference to business rules incorporated in specialized software products such as SalesForce.  

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Event Driven Architecture and Decision Management

Dan Selman and Andy Ritchie from IBM just published an interesting paper “Event Driven Architecture and Decision Management“. It is for enterprise architects considering putting in place an event driven architecture that will incorporate aspects of event processing, analytics, situation detection and … Continue reading

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Testing Rule-Based Systems

“Without much fuss, business-rule-based systems have increasingly become more commonplace.  As with all other IT systems, these systems must be tested before deployment to production.  Because of the special features and properties of these systems their testing differs from that … Continue reading

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