Case Studies

This page maintains references to different case studies contributed or referred to by Decision Management practitioners.

Case Study “Credit Card Application

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This study provides a working example of decision modeling using the new Decision Model & Notation (DMN) standard along with BPMN 2.0. The example explains how to model business decisions behind a typical credit card application Nick Broom open

Case Study “Mortgage Recommender

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This study takes an end-to-end approach to the craft of designing and implementing a decision application using state-of-the-art standards. Using the complex-enough problem of Mortgage Loan Recommendation as the story board, the problem is represented as a Business Process using the BPMN 2.0 standard, utilizes the new Decision Model & Notation (DMN) standard for representing decision logic and finally implements the decision with the OpenRules® BDMS

Gil Ronen


Case Study “Calculate Tax Return using 1040EZ IRS Form

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This study demonstrates a complete use case familiar to all US tax payers as it is defined by the US government form 1040EZ. It demonstrates how to do relatively complex calculations without forcing business analysts to become programmers. Jacob Feldman open

Case Study “Hotel Booking

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This sample application is for a hotel chain that is building its reservation system and wants to provide its clients with an application to search for and book rooms. The owners of the hotel need to define various business policies to calculate booking rates, such as early booking discounts or last-minute offers. They may need to modify these policies to adapt to different travel seasons and exceptional events, for example. They may also want to add more policies in the future on special offers or loyalty programs. To accomplish all this, the authors use Node.js and IBM Bluemix platform to build the proper Rules service.

Yiquan Zhou, Benjamin Ratiarisolo


Case Study “Weight-based Record Matching

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This case study has been discussed and implemented in this LinkedIn Discussion. The decision model is about weight-based record matching. A step in a process tries to find the best matching record (in a database with many records) to an incoming request. The matching is based on weight. Different fields (match criteria) have different weights, and the match weight is the total of the weights of all matching fields. Two Excel-based implementations are provided.

Werner Weissenfels,

Nick Broom


Case Study “Predictive Analytics in Retail

Brief Description Author(s) URL
The case of online retailer to explain the process required to implement a predictive analytics project.Problem Identification: translating the business challenge into a “precise predictive analytics formulation” with measurable outcomes.

Measurement and Data: determining which measurements are of interest and can be applied. Considering how to access sufficient data and integrate data from multiple sources, focusing on the end goal of the analysis and potential insights rather than the quantity of data. Once assembled, the data set is randomly divided to test the model before deploying the model on completely new data.

Model: the model is built by trying different algorithms and models to search for patterns and correlations in the data, using various ‘data mining’ techniques and methods from artificial intelligence, statistics and other disciplines.

Deployment: adjustments may need to be made as new factors emerge during the deployment, but when the predictive algorithm is deployed, it will generates a probability for new customer interactions etc.

Professor Galit Shmuéli


Case Study “Diabetic Patient Monitoring

Brief Description Author(s) URL
This case study presents a rule model for assessing the risk for diabetic patients. The focus of this case study is on detecting and correcting errors of ambiguity and incompleteness in the rule specifications.

Mike Parish


Case Study “Decision Automation to support Organ Allocation

Brief Description Author(s) URL
NHS Blood and Transplant is currently part-way through a programme of work to apply BPM and Decision Management technologies to its organ allocation schemes, replacing out-dated and brittle application software. The first scheme to be implemented – for the allocation of hearts – took just 6 months to implement, using a co-located and cross-functional team.

Neil Ward-Dutton


Adding Your Case Study

Everybody may submit new case studies and suggestions for the modification of the existing models. However, only original authors of the decision models will be able to make changes and for keeping models up-to-date. To add a case study please submit your request and you will be contacted ASAP.

The URL with a case study description may refer to your website or you may send us your case study in a PDF format and we will safe it on this website.

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