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IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) is now available as a standalone offering, providing business experts an even easier way to automate intelligent business decisions in low code. Link

OpenRules 9.1.0 provides an elegant and intuitive way to present complex iterations with business rules. Link



IBM announces that former RedHat Decision Manager is now released as IBM Decision Manager Open Edition 8.0, remaining Open Source for developer-led projects based on Drools. The other products in IBM’s DM portfolio are IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)  for IT-initiated projects with business collaboration and IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) for Business-led decision modeling with no-code ML integration. Link

OpenRules Decision Manager demonstrates superfast performance of decision services when 1,000,000 requests are executed within 12 seconds! Link

LPA announce exciting new release of VisiRule – its innovative No-Code Low-Code visual rules authoring and delivery tool Link


Rulesmatix offers a lightweight, fully functional, Business Process Management Framework for .NET and Java platforms. This framework is suitable for implementing simple and complex workflows that involve automated and/or manual steps. Link

New OpenRules Release 8.1.2 provides a brand new execution mechanism that improves performance of very big decision tables 10-100 times! At the same time OpenRules, Inc. cut its run-time license fee 10 times! Link


FICO World on Nov 4-7 in New York, NY will feature the latest case studies, analytic innovations and best practices for making real-time customer decisions, fighting cybersecurity threats and optimizing business results. Link


The latest release of Sparkling Logic’s AI-driven SMARTS™ decision management platform introduces Real-time Decision Metrics that enable organizations to monitor the business quality of decisions as they execute, and trigger alerts when specific business thresholds are reached. Link

OpenRules Decision Manager now supports ONE-CLICK AWS LAMBDA DEPLOYMENT! Business analysts without help from IT can deploy their business decision models created in Excel as AWS Lambda decision services with a simple click. Link

2019-September (DecisionCAMP)

IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10 is comprehensive solution that helps you automate rules-based business decisions, on premises or on cloud. IBM ODM can authorize a loan, decide on a promotion or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization — in seconds. Link

OpenRules Decision Manager can automatically deploys classical business decision models on-cloud as AWS Lambda functions without coding. Link

InRule Metrics makes it easy to analyze and compare the impact of automated decisions on business goals by displaying decision outcomes inside of today’s most popular analytics platforms, including Microsoft Power BI and Tableau®.  Link

Teal Partners introduced the next generation of their rules-based payroll system that optimizes decision making and manages the complexity of payroll or taxation regulations. Link

Trisotech has been developing business-friendly tools for non-technical users to extract value from modern technology. Business people can now integrate machine learning into business decisions that are explainable, auditable, and traceable and they can easily assemble business automations that orchestrate a series of microservices via modern API platforms. Link

FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite is an end-to-end decision automation platform that enables leading finance, insurance, healthcare, energy companies & many more to execute complex decisions, in order to respond to market pressures, regulatory changes and data challenges more effectively at scale, and with more business agility. Link

AMPL is a powerful and natural tool for developing and deploying the complex optimization models that arise in diverse business and engineering applications. AMPL’s modeling language lets you formulate problems the way you think of them, and supports all of the best large-scale solvers to help you find good solutions fast. Link

Kogito is a cloud-native business automation solution for building intelligent applications. It is based on and backed by battle-tested projects like Drools and jBPM with the main goal of redesigning these technologies and make it possible to run them at scale on a cloud infrastructure. Link