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We Prolonged Sep-2015 Challenge

We prolonged the Sep-2015 Challenge “Collections of Cars” until October 31. We consider this challenge to be quite important from the real-world decision modeling perspective. We already received 5 solutions that allow DM practitioners to see how to handle collections of objects in various … Continue reading

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Progress is our New Sponsor

DMCommunity welcomes a new sponsor Progress, whose Progress Corticon product is a well-known Business Rule Engine. Any other vendor or solution provider in the Business Rules and Decision Management domain may become a sponsor for a very reasonable yearly fee – … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Programming Languages

Business Rules and Decision Management approach is offering a practical alternative to traditional programming that allows business analysts to represent their business logic. However, it is still interesting to see how different programming languages are doing. Below are the top 10 … Continue reading

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DMN Meeting at BBC-2015 is organizing a special event “DMN at BBC” during the Business Rules and Decisions Forum 2015 (BBC) on November 2-6, 2015 in the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV. We encourage all our members, visitors, and DM practitioners to attend this major annual Decision Management event

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Machine Learns To Play Chess Without Being Told the Rules

We all know that Google Translate successfully translates texts from one language to another without understanding of the underlying semantics.  Now we got another example of a pure statistical learning – read this article “Machine teaches itself chess in 24 … Continue reading

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Join INFORMS-2015 Hackathon

Attend INFORMS-2015 on Nov. 1-4, 2015 in Philadelphia and/or join Hackathon! You may demonstrate the power of your favorite Decision Optimization tool by solving a problem from a major US airline and winning the Grand Prize of $600.

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The DMN Ecosystem is Growing Every Day

You will find the article with this encouraging title here.  Also you may look at the latest Catalog of vendors that already announced their support of the DMN standard and compare their products feature-by-feature.

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First 3 Solutions for Sep-2015 Challenge

The interest to Decision Management in general and to the grows every day. During the first (Labor Day) week of September we received 3 solutions for the Sep-2015 Challenge “Collections of Cars“: the first one using R, the second … Continue reading

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Using R Language for Decision Modeling

The R is a highly popular free programming language that provides a powerful array of development tools in the numeric analysis and machine learning spaces. With growing popularity of business analytics in general, the popularity of the R language can only be … Continue reading

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Decision Modeling With Collections of Objects

Real-world decision models frequently deal with collections of business objects. Some of our previous challenges and their solutions already demonstrated several use cases. The challenge “Make a Good Burger” even includes a DMN FEEL solution that for the first time … Continue reading

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