We Prolonged Sep-2015 Challenge

We prolonged the Sep-2015 Challenge “Collections of Cars” until October 31. We consider this challenge to be quite important from the real-world decision modeling perspective. We already received 5 solutions that allow DM practitioners to see how to handle collections of objects in various decision management environments. For the first time we see the proper examples in DMN FEEL. Unfortunately such popular tools as IBM ODM, FICO and Drools haven’t provided their solutions yet, and we encourage these vendors to demonstrate the power of their tools to our readers.

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1 Response to We Prolonged Sep-2015 Challenge

  1. meparish says:

    Most rule engines can handle simple cases, but when the data model involves collections of objects, hierarchical structures and associations between those objects it seems only a few engines are powerful enough. I don’t know if those other products you mentioned can handle this type of problem but I would certainly like to see more solutions. I always learn something new from other solutions to these challenges (including those that are not rule engines) so let’s encourage the sharing of ideas.

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