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First time ever: Decision table is part of the law!

Prof. Jan Vanthienen just reported that for the first time ever a decision table became a part of the government law in Belgium/Flanders. Link

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Challenge Aug-2021: Titanic Booking Service

Our Aug-2021 Challenge follows the popular Kaddle Titanic competition that uses Machine Learning to predicts which passengers survived the Titanic shipwreck. In our challenge we want you to use the Kuddle training and test data to create and test a special decision … Continue reading

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Testing your Decisions

Decision logic is not software code. As a result, you can’t be satisfied with testing tools and techniques that software developers use. Testing decision requires a different approach, different techniques, and different tools. Granted, ensuring that your decision service can … Continue reading

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Essentials of Microservices

Modern enterprises quickly evolved from monolithic to microservices architectures and expect rules-based decision services to be easily incorporated to cloud-based platforms. This paper could be helpful for organization considering to develop lightweight, easy to implement and reuse microservices, and getting … Continue reading

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The Picasso Way for Procurement

Picasso mastered the art of abstracting away complexity. The design community has applied these lessons very effectively with companies such as Apple mastering the ‘Picasso Way’. In this piece, Alan Holland argues that business process automation can apply these principles … Continue reading

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Implementing Rating Engines with Business Rules and Lookup Models

On June 17 at 12 PM EST Carole-Ann Berlioz from Sparkling Logic will run a webinar about rules-based rating engines, e.g. scoring engines, pricing engines, compensation calculations, claims payment calculations, and many other types of calculation engines aimed to calculate … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP-2021 Submission Deadline is June 18

DecisionCAMP is the annual gathering of Business Rules and Decision Management practitioners with a strong technical background. If you plan to present at DecisionCAMP-2021 on Sep 13-15, you need to submit an abstract of your presentation by June 18 using EasyChair … Continue reading

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Challenge June-2021 “Where is gold?”

This month we asked our readers to use their favorite BR/DM tools or just common sense to solve a simple puzzle “Which box contains the gold?” The very first quick solution by Jan Vanthienen uses decision tables to classify different … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP June-9 Session

Date: Wed June 9, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST (New York Time)Title: “Performance of a Large Decision Table Deployed as a Microservice“Presenter: Dr. Bob Moore, JETset Business Consulting.Abstract: There have been a number of solutions submitted to February’s decision modelling challenge. … Continue reading

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Data-centric AI development

Andrew Ng writes that ML research mainly concentrates on algorithms while the real-world applications deal more with data quality. “Benchmarks and competitions in which teams are asked to improve the data rather than the code would better reflect the workloads … Continue reading

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