Standards and Methodologies

DMN – Decision Model and Notation

DMN 1.0 was accepted by the OMG Architecture Board as an official OMG standard on Dec. 12, 2014 . DMN 1.1 became public in Q1-2016. DMN 1.2 is expected to be published in 2018.

BPMN – Business Process Model And Notation

SBVR – Semantics Of Business Vocabulary And Business Rules

BABOK – Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

  • BABOK from IIBA is the essential standard to help business analysts deliver business value and create better business outcomes
  • Guide

RuleML and RIF

  • RuleML is the only attempt to build a standard that covers the formal semantics of business rules
  • Official website
  • RIF is the W3C Rule Interchange Format that is based on RuleML and Semantic Web and deals with rules interchangeability issues

JSR-94 “Rule Engine Java API”

JSR-331 “Java Constraint Programming API”

Related Methodologies

  • RuleSpeak is a set of guidelines proposed by Ronald G. Ross for expressing business rules in concise, business-friendly fashion. It is not a language or syntax per se, but rather a set of best practices for speakers of English.

1 Response to Standards and Methodologies

  1. alcedo.coenen says:

    There is a new standard emerging: TEM = The Event Model. TEM standardizes the specification of events, and is related to TDM. Authors are Barbara von Halle (KPI) and Opher Etzion (IBM). Best resource so far is

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