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Modeling Decisions with Complex Logic

We posted a summary of the Nov-2014 Challenge at the LinkedIn Group “Business Rules“.

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UServ Product Derby is Getting Second Life as a DM Challenge

10+ years ago BR vendors had a chance to demonstrate their product capabilities at Business Rules Forums (now BBC) using the same highly popular use case known as “UServ Product Derby”.  We decided to revive the derby as a DM Challenge for … Continue reading

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Christmas Challenge from FICO

FICO, one of the major commercial DM vendors, runs predictive modeling competitions and even offers rewards to the winners. For the upcoming holidays FICO offered a challenge called “Jingle bells, Santa tells…”.  

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Four Case Studies

In his recent post Jim Sinur provides highly summarized case studies where applying operational decision management has led to significant benefits for organizations. Two of the examples are in the financial sector and the remaining summaries are in the gaming and transportation … Continue reading

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Nov-2014 Challenge – First two solutions

November just started but we’ve already received two solutions to the “Who Killed Agatha” problem submitted by Mike Perish and Hakan Kjellerstrand. They both are confident that Aunt Agatha committed suicide. Do you have a different opinion or a different approach to … Continue reading

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