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5 Solutions for July-2022 Challenge “Evaluate Team Performance”

We received 5 different solutions which use the following tools (in order of submission): DT5GL  Progress Corticon  Innovator  OpenRules  IBM ODM 

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Decision-Making vs. Problem Solving

This post Decision-Making: How to Determine the Best Possible Choices defines decision-making as “the process by which people come to actionable decisions after a careful consideration of the facts and values of the situation and parties involved. Decision-making could either be rational or … Continue reading

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A Building Blocks Approach

A building blocks approach starts with the universe of possible solutions and determines the common fundamental elements that constitute such solutions. It then goes about standardizing these fundamental elements and commoditizing them. This enables an ecosystem of actors who have the … Continue reading

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Forrester announces AI 2.0

As more businesses leverage artificial intelligence to drive transformative customer experiences and real-time business decisions, Forrester announces “a new era of AI development – one that addresses accuracy, speed, and security.” Link 

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Platforms vs Frameworks

Platforms are designed to be environments for apps. Not only will developers build the app on a particular platform, but the finished product will also run on that platform. In this sense, the hardware and software components of the platform work together … Continue reading

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Decision Intelligence 101

“Decision Intelligence is a practical approach designed to improve decision-making by first understanding and then engineering the way decisions are made and how outcomes are evaluated, managed, and improved based on feedback.” Decision intelligence has three key business benefits: Link

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Challenge July-2022 “Evaluate Team Performance”

In this Challenge you need to evaluate performance of different teams based on efficiency of their players during different games. Each player receives 5 points for “best” efficiency, 3 points for “better” efficiency, 2 for “good” efficiency. You need to … Continue reading

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Donald Knuth will answer your questions on August 3

This year on August 3 Donald Knuth will give an invited talk during CP-2022 at Haifa, Israel. Rather than giving a canned lecture, he much prefers to let the audience choose the topics, and for all questions to be kept … Continue reading

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Rete: 40 years!

This year will be 40 years since Charles Forgy published his famous paper “Rete: A Fast Algorithm for the Many Pattern/Many Object Pattern Match Problem. In: Artificial Intelligence, vol. 19, pp. 17–37, 1982.” His Rete algorithm became the foundation for many … Continue reading

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