Decision Intelligence 101

“Decision Intelligence is a practical approach designed to improve decision-making by first understanding and then engineering the way decisions are made and how outcomes are evaluated, managed, and improved based on feedback.” Decision intelligence has three key business benefits: Link

First, it supports data-driven decisions by allowing the full spectrum of relevant data to be analyzed in real time. This enables companies to recognize patterns that would otherwise go undetected as well as potential anomalies that could impact outcomes.

The second major advantage is that decision intelligence empowers companies to reach decisions faster. This is mainly thanks to AI systems, which can process vast volumes of data at hitherto unthinkable speeds, significantly accelerating the entire decision-making process.

And last but not least, decision intelligence helps eliminate errors and prevent bias. It does this by basing decision on all the available data while avoiding bias by executing programmed algorithms – rather than relying on intrinsically fallible human judgment and gut feeling.

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