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Ilya Sutskever: Fusion of Language and Vision in 2021

Ilya Sutskever, the Chief scientist of OpenAI: “In 2021, language models will start to become aware of the visual world… This ability to process text and images together should make models smarter. Humans are exposed to not only what they … Continue reading

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Oracle Prediction: 80% of Enterprise IT Will Move To The Cloud By 2025

This one of Oracle recently made 10 cloud predictions about the nearest future. The reason is that second-generation, enterprise-grade cloud architectures, plus the extreme automation of platform, will multiply the cost savings of the cloud, while letting enterprise IT organizations meet … Continue reading

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Recent Advances in Google Translate

Google Translate was introduced in 2016 and it enabled great improvements to the quality of translation for over 100 languages since then. In this post Google Research describes how recent advances in machine learning drive improvements to automated translation. Link

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The semantic future of the web

“Much of the data currently exchanging hands can be viewed as human-centric. We are not the only consumers of the web though, and someday that data may be made easier to read by those non-human consumers… we humans can determine … Continue reading

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The ‘computer’ can be wrong

Ben Evans: “A long-running story: in 1999 the UK Post office deployed a buggy software system to its branches that led to almost a thousand people being wrongly accused and convicted of theft, and this is only now being unwound. … Continue reading

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What comes after smartphones?

“The tech industry has had a new centre roughly every fifteen years… Mainframes were followed by PCs, and then the web, and then smartphones.” In his new article Ben Evans shares what potentially comes next. Link  

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Pragmatic Approach to Predictive Decision Automation

In this webinar Red Hat specialists explain how explainable Predictive Decisioning can help us trust AI. Their  approach combines AI/ML, decision optimization, and traditional business rules to better understand the factors that contribute to an automated decision. They use the … Continue reading

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Decision-Driven Data Analytics

“Data analysts often fail to produce insights for making effective business decisions, but that’s not their fault. Data-driven decision-making anchors on available data. This often leads decision makers to focus on the wrong question. Decision-driven data analytics starts from a proper … Continue reading

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Solving Assembly Line Balancing Problem

Philippe Laborie from IBM CPLEX team shared several models for representation and solving an optimization problem in assembly line balancing research. His solutions are shown in Python CP Optimizer and OPL: they are not only very compact but highly efficient. … Continue reading

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AWS is open sourcing Babelfish for PostgreSQL

For as long as databases have existed, people have been trying to migrate to something new but the reality of migrating databases is hard. On Dec. 1 AWS announced something very different: it is open sourcing Babelfish that acts as … Continue reading

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