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Christopher Columbus, global warming and mathematical optimization

In this highly popular article IBM’s Alex Fleischer wrote: “One of the levers is the mathematical optimization of business decision making, made possible by data and the deployment of decision models associated with constraint programming. Or, put more simply: an algorithm … Continue reading

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On the Paradox of Learning to Reason from Data

Cornell University published this article on May-2022: “Logical reasoning is needed in a wide range of NLP tasks. Can a BERT model be trained end-to-end to solve logical reasoning problems presented in natural language? We attempt to answer this question … Continue reading

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Most knowledge is not verbal

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Operations Research is the most underrated AI field

Berk Orbay published a nice article An Ode to Operations Research and the Future: “Operations Research (OR) is the most underrated “Artificial Intelligence” field. Is OR actually AI? It depends how you classify AI. If it is about decision making … Continue reading

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10 Common Mistakes in Automation

Jean Pommier from IBM wrote: “I’m often suspicious when I see best practices not issued by practitioners who spend their lives in the trenches but this contains quite some field-tested wisdom, well done Gartner! And since too few people listen to … Continue reading

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Algorithms for Decision Making

MIT press published an excellent book “Algorithms for decision making” with free download that provides a broad introduction to algorithms for decision making under uncertainty. The book takes an agent based approach when physical entities like humans or robots act … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP-2022: Great Program Just Published

This year DecisionCAMP will feature very interesting presentations: informative, based on real-world experience, with new perspectives, and leading to controversial discussions about where we are and where we want to be. This event is really for Practitioners by Practitioners! Make … Continue reading

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Red Hat and IBM

On July 29, 2022 IBM published “Business Automation Directional Update for Customers and Partners“. What changes are planned for the Red Hat Business Automation Product Line? “Red Hat is transferring the Process Automation Manager and Decision Manager products to IBM. … Continue reading

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