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Holiday Challenges

The holiday season is around the corner and our challenges should be more fun than mind-blowers – the Nov-Challenge received only two solutions so far. In December we decided to offer a fun-challenge to our readers: it is  a math problem that was given to a … Continue reading

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We Built Them, But We Don’t Understand Them

We design machines to act the way we do: they help drive our cars, fly our airplanes, route our packages, approve our loans, screen our messages, recommend our entertainment, suggest our next potential romantic partners, and enable our doctors to … Continue reading

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How to Share Beer Fairly

Equity and fairness have been studied from different point of views in philosophy, political science and economics, game theory, optimization, telecommunications, so pretty much everyone can find something to chew on. The following blog-post is about three weary wanderers who … Continue reading

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Exceptions in Business Rules are Not Exceptions

Handling exceptions in your business logic is one of the most typical and non-trivial problem in decision management.  There are two new posts Can you Override that Rule? and Are the Rules the Same for Everyone? from Carole-Ann Matignon of Sparkling Logic that provide dos … Continue reading

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Forrester’s 2016 Predictions: Turn Data Into Insight And Action

How to use technology to glean deeper, faster insight from more data — and more cheaply? Consider that only 29% of architects say their firms are good at connecting analytics results to business outcome. This is a huge gap! Brian … Continue reading

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About Real-Time Analytics

In spite of the power of predictive analytics, there are many skeptics when it comes to real-time machine learning that assumes an access to a continuous flow of transactional data. The following article “What No One Tells You About Real-Time Machine Learning” … Continue reading

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Gartner Predicts Bright Future for Business Optimization

In the Market Guide for Optimization Solutions, Gartner predicts that by 2018 optimization will no longer be a niche discipline; it will become a best practice for leading organizations to address a wide range of complex business decisions.

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Decision Management was in Focus at BBC 2015

This year the Building Business Capability Conference (BBC 2015) had a real decision management focus. Not only were there a large number of sessions on the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard there were many others where a focus on … Continue reading

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DMN 1.1 Top 10 List

Gary Hallmark, one of the key developers of the DMN standard, just shared with our community his Top 10 List of features included in the upcoming new release DMN 1.1. Gary and other DMN developers will elaborate on these and other … Continue reading

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