DMN 1.1 Top 10 List

Gary Hallmark, one of the key developers of the DMN standard, just shared with our community his Top 10 List of features included in the upcoming new release DMN 1.1. Gary and other DMN developers will elaborate on these and other DMN features during November’s meeting “DMN at BBC“. The meeting will take place today at 5:50 PM, room Milano V in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

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  1. jacobfeldman says:

    We had a constructive meeting “DMN at BBC” on Nov 5, 2015. The DMN Task Force was represented by Gary Hallmark, Bruce Silver, Jan Vanthienen, and James Taylor. The attending BR&DM vendors were Idiom, OpenRules, Progress Corticon, Red Hat, Sapiens, Signavio, and Sparkling Logic. We also had representatives from Trisotech,, Coherent Knowledge, Strand & Donslund and Dr. Juergen Pitschke.

    The discussed topics included:
    – a completely new interchange format: will be the major change in the upcoming DMN 1.1
    – conformance testing: no test cases planned at this point
    – business glossary: may be considered in the future releases
    – rule priorities: survived at least for now
    – minimizing the number of hit policies
    – avoiding single-character abbreviations
    – use of variable names with spaces
    – more flexible aggregation methods
    – dealing with collections of objects: will remain vendor-specific for now
    – implications of the OMG standardization process.

    The DMN Task Force plans to submit the version 1.1 this month and hopefully it will become publicly available in the first quarter of 2016. In general, we all agreed that DMN is a big practical step in the right direction while it is still at its early stage. We plan to have a similar open meeting at BBC-2016 as well.

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