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Understanding the business problem is the biggest challenge

The new TechCrunch’s post states: “The most important question in data science is not which machine learning algorithm to choose or even how to clean your data. It is the questions you need to ask before even one line of … Continue reading

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Too many AI researchers think real-world problems are not relevant

MIT Technology Review published an article with this title. “Many machine learning papers that describe new applications present both novel concepts and high-impact results. But even a hint of the word “application” seems to spoil the paper for reviewers. As … Continue reading

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Intuit Tax Knowledge Engine

Intuit just published a technical overview of their new Tax Knowledge Engine, the key innovation to make TurboTax smarter and more personalized for 37M+ consumers. First they listed key limitations for the traditional approach that are common for many rules-based … Continue reading

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Common Misconceptions About Analytics

In her Aug 14 post, Cassie Kozyrkov, the Head of Decision Intelligence at Google, analyzes three common misconceptions about analytics: Analytics is statistics. (No.) Analytics is data journalism / marketing / storytelling. (No.)  Analytics is decision-making. (No!) and then describes … Continue reading

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Champion/Challenger and Operational Negation

In May Stacey West from FICO took a thorough look at Champion/Challenger strategies testing and how it can be successfully implemented to enhance your organisation’s decisions. In her new post she is discussing how Champion/Challenger strategies may become unreadable because … Continue reading

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Forrester’s Report “Digital Decisioning Platforms”

Forrester just published a new report “Introducing AI-Powered, Human-Controlled Digital Decisioning Platforms“: Digital decisioning platforms (DDPs) allow application development and delivery (AD&D) pros to combine the best of human decision logic with the best of AI to implement application-embedded automated … Continue reading

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The AI Evolution and the Challenge of Decision Automation

In his latest post Prof. Warren Powell contrasts “using AI to automate decisions to Tesla’s aggressive use of robotics to automate their assembly lines. It is important to understand the most common use of AI today (machine learning) with the … Continue reading

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ML & FSM help amputees walk more naturally

Researchers from the University of Utah designed a robotic leg that learns from the user’s motion how to help amputees walk more naturally.  It uses machine learning to generate a human-like stride. It also helps wearers step over obstacles in … Continue reading

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