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DecisionCAMP Feb-10 Session “Decision Governance”

On Feb 10, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST Larry Goldberg from Sapiens Decision will present “Decision Governance”. “Today we understand that decisions made in business systems at scale determine not only the financial success of each organization, but indeed its … Continue reading

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Oracle Forms New Cloud and AI Organization

Oracle has formed a new organization, focused on the cloud and AI. Oracle has been making significant headway in the cloud market, although it still lags behind market leaders AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Nonetheless, the company is doubling down … Continue reading

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Hello Mainframe, Our Old Friend

WSJ: “The mainframe is hardly a relic of a bygone area. In many industries, it remains critical for storing and processing a company’s most sensitive data and serves as a strategic component of hybrid cloud models, according to a recent … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP Monthly Session on Jan 19

Join DecisionCAMP Monthly Zoom Session on Jan 19 at 12:00 PM EST.  “Kogito: Cloud-native Business Automation” presented by Mario Fusco and Matteo Mortari, Red Hat. A Zoom invite is available from our Slack channel 

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Jan 14 – World Logic Day

On 14 January 2021, we celebrate World Logic Day. UNESCO proclaimed World Logic Day in 2019, in association with the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH), to enhance public understanding of logic and its implications for science, technology and innovation. There is a … Continue reading

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AI is not equal to ML

Alain Chabrier from IBM Decision Optimization team in his article argues that not only “AI != ML” pointing to the difference between Data-driven and Knowledge-driven decision models. He even claims that “Decision Optimization has more impact on the real … Continue reading

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Insights for AI from the Human Mind

“Artificial intelligence has recently beaten world champions in Go and poker and made extraordinary progress in domains such as machine translation, object classification, and speech recognition. However, most AI systems are extremely narrowly focused. AlphaGo, the champion Go player, does … Continue reading

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Controversial rating of programming languages

This article provides unusual ranking of the most common programming languages: languages descended from C, and languages descended from ML. “What are the pros and cons of a particular programming language? Is X a good language for my task? Googling “best programming … Continue reading

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