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2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

Gartner defines the full life cycle application programming interface (API) management market as the market for software that supports all stages of an API’s life cycle — planning and design, implementation and testing, deployment and operation, and versioning and retirement. … Continue reading

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Business Users vs Programmers

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2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructures

Gartner has named Amazon Web Services (AWS) a Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) Leader for the 12th consecutive year. This Magic Quadrant report provides cloud buyers with vendor insights based on Gartner research criteria. AWS placed highest in Ability … Continue reading

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Fred Brooks

Fred Brooks, one of the most outstanding computer scientists of our time, died on Nov. 17. He authored “The Mythical Man Month“, a book that was hugely influential on so many of our readers. His paper “No Silver Bullet” would … Continue reading

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AAAI-23 Constraint Programming and Machine Learning Bridge

The AAAI-23 Constraint Programming and Machine Learning Bridge is part of the AAAI-23 Bridge Program. Bringing together CP (Constraint Programming) and ML (Machine Learning) is an important aspect of the larger goal of integrating Reasoning and Learning. Participants are not expected to … Continue reading

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Challenge Nov-2022 “Crack Padlock Code”

Submit a solution using your favorite tool or just common sense.

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Applying Decision Modeling to High School Geometry

David Wilkinson wrote: “DMN can literally be used to model any decision… including high school geometry. In this post, I model the five conditions that go into deciding whether two triangles are congruent or not. Should DMN be taught to … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP-2023 Announcement

DecisionCAMP-2023 will be held in Oslo, Norway on Sep 18-20, 2023. It’s planned as an in-person event with the ability to present and participate online. Please register now to inform the organizers about your intention to present or participate. Link

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Challenge Oct-2022 “Dots and Boxes”

In this challenge you need to build a decision model capable to play the popular game “Dots and Boxes“. Its rules and useful hints can be found in the book “Math Games with Bad Drawings” by Ben Orlin. You may … Continue reading

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A new Gartner’s DMS toolkit

Gartner just published a special toolkit “Tool: Vendor Identification for Decision Management Suite Providers” to help customers select a DMS tool that fits their requirements. It lists 28 products covering their major capabilities, unique selling propositions, and top factors of … Continue reading

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