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Event-Driven Microservices using Spring Boot and Kafka

This Java Guide explains how to build a simple Event-Driven Microservices application using Spring Boot and Apache Kafka. You will learn how to use Apache Kafka as a message broker for Asynchronous communication between multiple microservices. Link

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The Prolog Day Symposium on Nov 10, 2022

This Prolog-Day Symposium will present the highlights of the Year of Prolog, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Prolog. The Symposium will include the award of the inaugural edition of the Alain Colmerauer Prize for recent practical accomplishments that highlight the benefits of … Continue reading

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants

As businesses race to provide better customer experience at a lower cost, the adoption of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) will continue to explode. In its latest Decision Matrix for selecting an intelligent virtual assistant, Ovum evaluates top IVA vendors in … Continue reading

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