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Are our Rule Engines Smart Enough?

On Sep 27, 2022 we had several discussions related to this question during the ongoing DecisionCAMP. Are we happy with where we are or should we raise the bar trying to come closer to our long-standing “big” objective when a … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP-2022 Starts on September 26

DecisionCAMP is around the corner. It will feature very interesting presentations: informative, based on real-world experience, with new perspectives, and leading to controversial discussions about where we are and where we want to be. You may click on the links … Continue reading

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Treating Your Employees Like Customers

The onboarding process should be a streamlined integrated experience that asks for and offers the right information at the right time. How to do it? Sandy Kemsley in her latest vlog recommends treating your employees like customers. “I spend most … Continue reading

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Extracting Decision Models from Text

KU Leuven scientists published the paper “Extracting Decision Model and Notation models from text using deep learning techniques“. It is the first attempt to use deep learning to extract DMN models from text. They classify sentences describing logic or dependencies, … Continue reading

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