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Challenge June-2015: Make a Good Burger

As the owner of a fast food restaurant with declining sales, you know that your customers are looking for something new and exciting on the menu.  Your market research indicates that they want a burger that is loaded with everything … Continue reading

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No solutions for a simple predictive analytics challenge?

Surprisingly we haven’t yet received a single solution for the April-May 2015 Challenge. Nowadays there are so many papers and posts about predictive analytics and… no solutions for a relatively simple problem? If not vendors then consultants could at least use some … Continue reading

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BRMS Shift to Decision Modeling

More and more BR vendors these days use the term BDRMS instead of BRMS. Recently FICO rebranded its flagship BRMS solution to “Decision Rules Management System” (replacing “business” with “decision”).  Even the major annual BR event now is called “Business Rules and … Continue reading

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Testing Rule-Based Systems

“Without much fuss, business-rule-based systems have increasingly become more commonplace.  As with all other IT systems, these systems must be tested before deployment to production.  Because of the special features and properties of these systems their testing differs from that … Continue reading

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