BRMS Shift to Decision Modeling

More and more BR vendors these days use the term BDRMS instead of BRMS. Recently FICO rebranded its flagship BRMS solution to “Decision Rules Management System” (replacing “business” with “decision”).  Even the major annual BR event now is called “Business Rules and Decisions Forum“. Read the interesting article that starts with the question:

Does anyone remember when the term “Business Rule Management Systems” (or BRMS) was coined?

Here are a few more interesting quotes:

BRMS focused on rules but not necessarily other critical facets of decision management, such as predictive or prescriptive modeling, or optimization (solving large, complex business problems using mathematical solvers).

By shifting the focus from rules to decisions, Decision Modeling adds the necessary structure that was missing in the business rules approach, without letting go of its benefits: rules are still declarative, modular and independent, but they only have meaning in the context of a decision.

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