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The “First High-Profile Deserter” from the World of AI

For 40 years, the Stanford professor Terry Winograd has steered the increasingly complex and meaningful interactions between humans and computers. As a graduate student at MIT in the late 1960s, Winograd wrote one of the seminal programs in the emerging discipline … Continue reading

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Common Decision-Making Mistakes

Eric McNulty just published an interesting paper “Improve the quality of your leadership decisions” in which he explains how decision science can help you get better at decision-making. Here is an example of common decision-making mistakes: “One of the most frequent … Continue reading

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Listen AI Song that Mimics the Beatles

“Yes, it seems that the scientific brains in Sony’s CSL Research Laboratory have been busy reinventing the notion of a “hit factory” with their latest project, FlowMachines. Feeding their invention a rich database of songs from a wide array of … Continue reading

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The Right To Be Forgotten

You’ve probably heard about “the right to be forgotten” according to which Google has to delete search results about you, if you ask them to. “According to a new General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, the right to be forgotten … Continue reading

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Join Q&A Forum

We’ve created Q&A Forum  as a Google Discussion Group – see!forum/dmcommunity. All Decision Management practitioners may join the forum and post questions and/or provide answers.

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We Added Website Registration

As‘s popularity grows every day, our readers want to be notified about latest posts, challenges, and other website news. You can receive such notifications by simply providing your name and email address. It is free, safe, and can be done from the menu-item “Register“.

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