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Meet Authors of Major DM Books

Authors of 4 major books on Decision Modeling and Decision Management will present at DecisionCAMP on July 7-8, 2016: Bruce Silver, DMN Method and Style: The Practitioner’s Guide to Decision Modeling with Business Rules by Bruce Silver, 2016. James Taylor and Jan Purchase, … Continue reading

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DecisionCamp 2016: Speakers and Panel

DecisionCAMP has already attracted the leading Decision Management authorities including:

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DMN Interchange Challenge

One of the main advantages of decision modeling standardization is a potential interchange of decision models between different DMN-compliant tools. DMN 1.1 includes a new interchange format – you may find its description in the Bruce Silver’s book “DMN Method … Continue reading

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Open Source is Big Business

Red Hat proves open source is big business, as it just posted revenue of $2.05 billion for last year. Does the average person care much about Red Hat’s financial health and performance? Probably not. With that said, for the overall … Continue reading

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Do Code Generators for Decision Modeling Actually Work?

James Taylor wrote: “Frankly I have seen so many failed code generators at this point that I no longer believe that a business-friendly model can be enriched to the point of execution without either making gross assumptions about the deployment … Continue reading

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Machine Unlearning

Machine learning systems are everywhere. They predict the weather, forecast earthquakes, provide recommendations based on the books and movies we like, and even apply the brakes on our cars when we’re not paying attention.  Two scientists recently introduced the concept called “machine … Continue reading

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Sequential Decisions Connect Today’s and Future Decisions

This FICO’s post describes how a combination of Analytics and Optimization helps to predict and compare likely future outcomes of alternative actions and find the best decisions given business objectives. For example, a marketer may decide today to spend $70 in … Continue reading

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Open Source Against Proprietary Data Science Vendors

On Mar 15, 2016 Domino Blog published Open Source Winning Against Proprietary Data Science Vendors: “With the recent publication of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics, we wanted to know how proprietary data science software vendors were faring against open … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars on the Roads by 2018?

Andrew NG and Yuanqing Lin just published an article “Self-Driving Cars Won’t Work Until We Change Our Roads—And Attitudes“. Decision making in very complex situations is an essential part of this development. Here are some interesting quotes:

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AlphaGo Taught Itself

The computer program that defeated the world Go champion taught itself how to improve its game by playing millions of matches against itself, according to the head of the Google subsidiary that developed the software. “In AlphaGo’s case, that involved … Continue reading

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