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Rules-based Traffic Light Control

We are usually waiting 1-3 minutes for a green light even when the intersection is empty, right? In the Netherlands the waiting time maybe much smaller based on the actual conditions at the intersection. In this new post Silvie Spreeuwenberg talks about a new, intelligent traffic control … Continue reading

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DMN Keynote at RuleML-2016

Bruce Silver will be a keynote speaker at the International Web Rule Symposium RuleML on July 6-9, 2016 at Stony Brook University, New York. His keynote talk will review the structure and key features of DMN 1.1 as a Decision Modeling Language. Read more

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Actico is our New Sponsor

DMCommunity welcomes a new premium sponsor ACTICO which roots go back to Innovations Software Technology GmbH and then Bosch Group. Today ACTICO is positioned as a leading international provider of software solutions and technologies for decision management. See all current sponsors and sponsorship … Continue reading

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