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OptaPlanner continues as Timefold

Geoffrey De Smet: OptaPlanner, an Open Source project for planning optimization, has entered a new chapter. “The project I worked on for seventeen years, has matured under Red Hat’s wings for the past ten years. Last year, when Red Hat’s … Continue reading

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Red Hat and IBM: Business Automation Update

Frequently Asked Questions about IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition and IBM Decision Manager Open Edition, formerly known as Red Hat Process Automation Manager and Red Hat Decision Manager – latest update Link

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Consistency Checks of Large Language Models

Do Language Models Know When They’re Hallucinating References? Current state-of-the-art language models (LMs) are notorious for generating text with “hallucinations,” a primary example being book and paper references that lack any solid basis in their training data. However, we find … Continue reading

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wAIting for Godot

Kurt Cagle’s “When the Jobs Don’t Come Back“: “The hopes that AI will result in significant staff reductions may be premature at best. What it will do is make it easier for smaller companies to become capable of producing products … Continue reading

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How do we define intelligence?

Dan Everett wrote in Linkedin comments: from Oxford Dictionaryintelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. LLMs have developed capabilities that programmers did not specifically program.Language translations Theory of mind Looks like that meets the acquire skills requirement. ✅ … Continue reading

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Don Knuth takes ChatGPT for a ride

Donald Knuth: “Since one of today’s popular recreations is to play with chatGPT, I decided on 07 April 2023 to try my own little experiment, as part of a correspondence with Stephen Wolfram. The results were sufficiently interesting that I … Continue reading

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MiniCP: A lightweight Java Constraint Programming Solver

Many decision problems (logistics, production, space, etc.) aiming at an optimal use of resources can be formulated as constraint combinatorial optimization problems. Unfortunately, these problems are difficult to solve mainly for two reasons: 1) They require complex algorithms to design … Continue reading

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AI Decisioning Platforms

James Taylor in his new post “AI Decisioning Platforms – It’s Time To Own One” talks about the recent Wave report by Mike Gualtieri of Forrester which focuses in on a core set of vendors and compares them in detail as … Continue reading

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Human-Machine Conversations: Dynamic Planning and Composition

This article summarizes recent advances in dynamic planning for human-to-assistant conversations. Many types of conversations, from gathering information to offering recommendations, require a flexible approach and the ability to modify the original plan for the conversation based on its flow. … Continue reading

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AI: Yann LeCun vs Yuval Noah Harari

Yann LeCun and Yuval Noah Harari are complete opposites. One is a researcher, the other a historian. The former sees no reason to panic about the emergence of AI, while the latter fears that it will lead to the collapse … Continue reading

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