AI Decisioning Platforms

James Taylor in his new post “AI Decisioning Platforms – It’s Time To Own One” talks about the recent Wave report by Mike Gualtieri of Forrester which focuses in on a core set of vendors and compares them in detail as a follow-up to his earlier AI Decisioning Landscape report. “It started as a review of Business Rules Management Platforms, evolve to talk about Digital Decisioning Platforms and now focuses on AI Decisioning Platforms to emphasize the value of these platforms to those deploying and exploiting AI.” Link

Mike pointed out that making decisions is the best possible use case for AI – especially as you should consider making a recommendations as a decision. He emphasized that enterprises rise or fail based on the collective efficacy of their decisions. And, while some of those decisions are big, strategic decisions, many more are rapid, transactional and operational. He also pointed out that insights are perishable, real-time insights especially so, meaning that decisioning really matters to the effective use of real-time insights. And as the time to decide shrinks, enterprise need to do more real-time decisioning.”

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