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CatalogThis website maintains Live Catalogs of Decision Management tools that allow practitioners to compare different products feature-by-feature and to choose Decision Management products that are the most suitable for their particular needs. Product profiles are submitted and maintained exclusively by product developers who are solely responsible for correctness of the provided information and for keeping it up-to-date.

Currently available product catalogs:

Short and complete views of the above catalogs are automatically generated when you click on them.  All included tools are displayed in the alphabetical order and you always have the latest view of the catalog.

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5 Responses to Product Catalogs

  1. Two more vendors (FlexRule and Harmony) added their products to the Business Rule and Decision Management Catalog – see

  2. Mats Carlsson says:

    Hello, last week I requested to add a product to the Constraint Solvers catalog, and got an automatic confirmation “Message Sent (go back) You will receive your unique access attributes to interactively create your product profile(s) in the proper catalog(s).” I have received no such access attributes. Please get in touch.

  3. Fred Simkin says:

    I get a 404 when I try “Decision Model Tools” is there a problem?

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