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wAIting for Godot

Kurt Cagle’s “When the Jobs Don’t Come Back“: “The hopes that AI will result in significant staff reductions may be premature at best. What it will do is make it easier for smaller companies to become capable of producing products … Continue reading

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RFP Process is Waste of Time

Silvie Spreeuwenberg wrote: “As someone who has experience drafting RFP questions, being on an assessment team, and responding to RFPs, I can honestly say that this process is often a waste of time and can lead to disappointing results for … Continue reading

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Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant

Paul Vincent: “Gartner’s Low-Code Application Platform Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities research covers platforms for building applications that range from enterprise business applications to smaller departmental applications. Many business process automation tools overlap with LCAP in terms of capabilities, and … Continue reading

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The End of Programming?

This is one the the first tweets of 2023 based on the Matt Welsh Jan-2023 article in CACM that states: Programming will be obsolete. I believe the conventional idea of “writing a program” is headed for extinction, and indeed, for all … Continue reading

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Four Predictions for Practical AI

Dr. Scott Zoldi from FICO published his “4 AI Predictions for 2023: From the Great Correction to Practical AI“. He states: “Welcome to the Great Correction. But what might feel like an unmitigated flameout is actually a correction back to … Continue reading

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A Building Blocks Approach

A building blocks approach starts with the universe of possible solutions and determines the common fundamental elements that constitute such solutions. It then goes about standardizing these fundamental elements and commoditizing them. This enables an ecosystem of actors who have the … Continue reading

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Coding without understanding the basic constructs

Here is the original article: “Google” programmers. How one idiot hired a couple more idiots

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Digital Decisioning => Decision Intelligence

The term “Decision Intelligence” was popularized in 2019 book “How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World“. Google launched a decision intelligence department. Gartner listed “Decision Intelligence” among the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022. Forbes … Continue reading

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Passwordless Sign-Ins

Apple, Google and Microsoft have agreed to support and expand a FIDO/W3C project to let you sign in without passwords, using a key saved on your device. The new capability will allow websites and apps to offer consistent, secure, and … Continue reading

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Digital Twins and Digital Decisioning

The term Digital Twin was coined in 2014 in the context of manufacturing as a digital factory replication. Recently it becomes more and more popular in the context of knowledge representation for different business domains. Today a digital twin is … Continue reading

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