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NoOps vs DevOps

In 2011 Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research coined the term NoOps in his controversial blog post “I don’t want DevOps. I want NoOps.” In particular, Gualtieri said: “Developers should look to spend more of their time getting closer to the business, not … Continue reading

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Transforming “Dark Data” into Data-Driven Insights

A new paper, written by Tho Nguyen of Teradata and James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions, examines “Dark Data” that includes sensor and streaming data, image data, audio and video data, as well as semi-structured data (e.g., log files, survey data, notes or presentations, email correspondence, … Continue reading

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Neil Raden: I think it’s time to disband IT

Neil Raden posted this comment to the LinkedIn article “Business is from Mars and IT from Venus“: I believe the term “the business” is a trope that was developed by IT specifically to create distance between themselves and the rest of … Continue reading

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Tim Burners-Lee Concerns about the Web’s Future

It’s been 28 years since Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for the worldwide web. Now he has three major concerns over the state of the web. Read More

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Cloud Computing is Coming to End?

Peter Levine, a venture capital investor with Andreesen Horowitz, claims: “I’m going to take you out to the edge to show you what the future looks like.” He takes us on a “crazy” tour of the history and future of cloud computing … Continue reading

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Thinking Differently About Thinking Different

Ken Molay posted an article “Thinking Differently About Thinking Different” that starts as follows: “People love pointing to non-conformist geniuses to show the power unleashed when you break away from conventional norms and boldly follow your own vision: Picasso and his cubist painting. … Continue reading

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Ron Ross: IT Departments Should be Evacuated

Ron Ross just published a provocative post “IT Departments Should be Evacuated – Agree/Disagree?” In particular, he writes: “The days of traditional departmental IT staff having unfettered access to the financial assets of the corporate budget will end sooner than … Continue reading

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