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Again about AI understanding

On Dec-2021 Melanie Mitchell published “What Does It Mean for AI to Understand“: “Remember IBM’s Watson, the AI Jeopardy! champion? A 2010 promotion proclaimed, “Watson understands natural language with all its ambiguity and complexity.” However, as we saw when Watson subsequently failed spectacularly in … Continue reading

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Digital transformation fall out of favor?

Forrester Research will run a free webinar on Jan 26 at 2 pm ET and they promise to explain: Why “digital transformation” has fallen out of favor and what has replaced that outdated idea. How rising interest inaccessibility will give … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP Session “DMN 1.4 and Beyond” on January 26, 2022

Date: Wed, January 26, 2022 at 12:00pm EST Title: “DMN 1.4 and Beyond” Presenter: Denis Gagne, Trisotech.  Abstract: In this session Denis will present a summary of the work done by the DMN 1.4 Revision Task Force (RTF) and open discussion on what … Continue reading

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Most in Demand Languages for 2022

If you are interested in software engineering from a meta trends perspective, here are the most popular programming languages by GitHub repository activity: You may find more interesting trends in this new Medium’s article “Most in Demand Programming Software Development … Continue reading

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Best Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members and friends of the Decision Management Community! Here is a musical present from Dr. Alan Fish: Listen

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Connecting the Dots

If someone gives us a collection of points, how should we connect them? Should we try to pair them up? Should we try to join them together to form a single loop? Should we try something else? And once we’ve … Continue reading

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About the Log4j Vulnerability

This week many organizations went through the scare caused by critical security vulnerability of commonly used Apache Log4j Java-based logging utility. Shortly after Apache announcement attackers in the wild began exploiting the Log4j vulnerability, prompting government cybersecurity institutions worldwide, including … Continue reading

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DecisionCAMP Session “Learning Executable Constraint Models” on Dec 15, 2021

The next DecisionCAMP session will be held on Wed, December 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST (New York Time). Title: “Learning Executable Constraint Models from Positive and Negative Examples” Presenter: Helmut Simonis, Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics in Ireland. … Continue reading

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Guiding mathematical intuition with AI

It is clear that intuition plays an important role in elite performance in many human pursuits. In this work the authors demonstrate a framework for mathematicians to use machine learning that has led to mathematical insight across two distinct disciplines: … Continue reading

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Christmas Challenge 2021

2022 is around the corner, and Santa again creates a plan for his elves to determine how reindeer will pull his sleigh. Our Challenge Dec-2021 is based on Santa’s plan described by Mike Shenk: Twas the night before Christmas, and at … Continue reading

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