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Monkey Business

We’ve just published Nov-2015 Challenge called “Monkey Business“. Use any Decision Management tool (or none) to solve it.

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DMN Events at BBC-2015

This year BBC-2015 will feature many DMN related events. For your convenience, below you will find them in the chronological order:

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Is Open Source Safer than Commercial Software?

The use of open source components is booming. According to analyst firms such as Forrester, Gartner, and 451 Research, 80-90% of all commercial software developers, use open source components and make them an integral part of their software.

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Convergence of Information and Knowledge Management Systems

Transformation of data to knowledge is among the most popular discussions nowadays. As modern analytical tools penetrate everyday life of the traditional information management systems, these systems started to converge to what for a long time was known as Knowledge Management … Continue reading

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Analytics Maturity Models

Jean-Francois Puget from IBM continues his search for the best classification of different business analytics techniques. In this latest post, he distinguishes four maturity levels, depending on how much of the analytics process is automated: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive: 

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